Finals is finished! (for now…….)

So yesterday saw the last finals for this semester. One hands-on went well, one…..not quite so good. One test went well, the other…..I’m still waiting to find out. Hopefully I didn’t make a total mess of it all. So, for the next few weeks, all there is to occupy me is my part-time job. A very large part of me wants to “veg” and do as little as possible, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. What does happen, well, I guess I’ll find out. For now, though, no more cramming, no more studying to late nigh……YAHOO!!!


One Response to “Finals is finished! (for now…….)”

  1. skate1968 Says:

    Hi Darkness,

    Congratulations on finishing finals!

    I’m hoping that you get more positive results.

    I’m remember once getting my butt kicked on an essay question for the CPA exam.

    “No one in the country knew what that was about,” my CPA review teacher later told us. “Everyone in the country who took that exam automatically got a 10 point curve because no one studied that!”

    This were very encouraging comments to hear after knowing that you messed something up. And hope your current situation turns out to be as good or better.

    Most all of us miss you at the forums. But i respect your descision.

    Perhaps now that you have time you might reward yourself with a big pot of homemade food. That seems to work well for me.

    Best of luck.

    aka Jim

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