Evolution IS beautiful!

There’s an abandoned house not too far from where I live. The owner moved out and just left it setting, I’m not even sure they bothered to lock the front door. With the return of warm weather to my region, the lawn is slowly starting to get shaggier and shaggier. No doubt someday soon, someone will be around to mow it, but for now, it’s slowly going a bit wild.

The nice thing about a wild yard like this isn’t the long grass, though after a long, snowy winter like the one that haunted this part of the country, all that green does help to remind you winter is over. No, what’ really nice is the weeds.

You see, the yard has already started to sprout a healthy smattering of dandelions, and their bright yellow flowers are quite an enjoyable sight….at least as long as you’re not expected to get rid of them. The yard also sports a very nice selection of native violets. Most folks consider them to be a weed to, but in this case, I figure ‘most folks’ don’t know what they’re talking about. The violets actually come in two distinct varieties: one is your “traditional” violet, complete with it’s characteristic color. They’re quite nice looking flowers, and their color stands out well on the green background. The other variety, though, is a white violet. It’s the same shape as it’s “normal” cousin, and it springs from from an identical plant, but instead of the purple with a yellow/gold ring in the center, a white violet is just that, white, and has a pale violet ring around the center. I walked among them today, looking at them. My own yard has a small colony of white violets, but seeing as how I actually live in my house, I’m expected to keep the yard mowed, so mine never achieve quite the glorious stage that these have, both in size and quantity. I noticed that some of the white violets in the abandoned house’s yard looked odd and bent down to pick one to see if I could figure out what wasn’t right. What I saw was that, on some of the flowers, the violet ring had nearly disappeared, leaving only a small patch of pale purple on the lowest point of the central ring area. A truly white violet was arising by simple mutation!

I wondered how people who insist that evolution is a “myth” would explain my small discovery. Would they claim God had somehow decided to change a small patch of flowers? Or would they think Satan had put them there to “tempt” someone into believing the “false doctrine” of evolution?

Me, I see a small change in a single plant, spreading as that plant produces more copies of itself. I don’t need to see ‘the hand of God’ in it, I just see a small, random change producing something quite beautiful. That beauty is enough for me.

One man’s weed, another man’s beautiful moment.


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