The loons ride again!

There are days when I wonder if America has finally reached the point where politics can’t get any loonier. Then I read the morning paper, or get online, and I find that, no, the loons are still out there. A few cases in point:


When he ran as part of the 2008 presidential field on the Republican side of the ticket, Mike Huckabee took issue with the attention paid by some media outlets to Bristol Palin’s unwed pregnancy. He was full of praise for the child of his fellow Republican for taking on the role of motherhood in a world where abortion was available. I guess a couple of years and a need to get his name remembered by a new crop of conservative voters have changed Mike’s mind. You will, no doubt, have heard of his slam at Oscar-winning actress Natalia Portman for being a single mother. During a radio interview, he commented that “it’s unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out-of-children wedlock.” . If Mike was hoping to raise his profile, he certainly did so. A none-too-small firestorm erupted over Huckabee’s comments, and he must have felt the fire even down in Arkansas. Huckabee, in a statement straight out of the conservative playbook, slammed “Hollywood media” types for supposedly distorting his comments. It did not help that this was the second controversial statement the former Arkansas governor had made in a single week. Just days before, Huckabee had denounced President Obama’s outlook on the world by claiming that it stemmed from his childhood in Kenya. He went so far as to claim that childhood stories of the Mau Mau revolt against British rule of that nation had shaped Obama’s world view. That President Obama didn’t visit Kenya until he was in his twenties is a tiny details that Mr. Huckabee seems more than willing to overlook. His spokesmen have since tried to insist that the comments were meant to refer to President Obama’s childhood years spent in Indonesia, though they refused to explain how the Mau Mau revolt could have played a part in that experience.

Good story link:

While we’re ‘down South’, it bear mentioning that Tennessee has officially stepped off the deep end politically. Bills have been introduced in both the state House and Senate that would make “material support” for the Islamic code known as Shariah punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Shariah is akin to the rules that observant Jews and Catholics follow: a set of moral guidelines that are supposed to direct the follower’s daily practices in life. It is, according to the sponsors of this legislation, also a threat. The bill leaves open the definition of what constitutes “material” support for Shariah, and the sponsors also claim that it is not intended as a move to criminalize Islamic beliefs, just as a way to give state police and other officials a way to go after those “who take Shariah law to the other extreme”. To give yo an idea of how broadly the statute is worded, and the extent of it’s general wrong-headedness, here’s a link to an excerpt of some of the bill’s language:

Thirteen states have laws under consideration that would bar courts from considering even the impact that following Shariah law might have in any case before them. While these are not nearly as over-reaching as the Tennessee law, they still speak to ignoring the role faith might play in a person’s life, which seems an odd attitude from modern conservatives, who often bemoan the lack of faith in our modern society.

Good link to a story on the law from a Tennessee-based newspaper:


A final tidbit for your consideration…..heeee’s baaaaaack! That’s right, Newt Gingrich has decided to explore the waters for a possible run for the White House in 2012. Just when you thought politics was as strange as it could get. Newt has been on the conservative version of the ‘rubber chicken’ trail, addressing rallies and attending forums, speaking of all thing conservative, and he’s been building a consulting and media mini-empire for himself in the process. So he has a lot of cash, and tons of already-in-place contacts to draw on. The problem for him, though, might just be that he won’t be able to touch the money he already has. Much of it was given to so-called non-partisan political organizations he’s set up, and if he decides to go all-in on a run for future political office, that money suddenly goes off-limits, as using it would violate the federal law that governs how those sorts of organizations are established. Mind you, Newt has left a trail of statements behind him over the last couple of years that are not a whole lot better than some of the utterances of Mr Huckabee, but you may rest assured, Gingrich will be around to haunt the airwaves, expounding his version of the world, for years to come, no matter whether he runs for the presidency or not. Oh, joy……..

another nice story link:


8 Responses to “The loons ride again!”

  1. Jamie Holts Says:

    Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.
    Thanks for noticing and commenting.

  2. Yale Guy Says:

    GET A JOB.
    Awww, did we piss you off? Ain’t it a bitch when people refuse to write what you want to read? Then again, for all my “low intellect”, I do have enough in the way of balls to not hide behind an anonymous router like you do. And while we’re on the subject of intellect, given your repetitive use of small and simple words, I’d be willing to bet you’re far from the brightest bulb on the string, as the saying goes.

  3. JDallas Says:

    Agree with the last commentator, Yale Guy.
    This blog could have only been composed by a very depressed impotent male of low intellect.
    He is a depressant to himself and anyone unfortunate to be in his space.
    Opinionated and low intellect equals this knucklehead.
    Brave online, jerk all the time.
    It is no shock that this limp excuse for a man is Unemployed.
    wow, no doubt you’re Rambo reincarnated: red-blooded all-American male who’s hung like horse….in his wet dreams. why is it that knuckle draggers like you and Yale repeat the same stupid and generally unimaginative insults ad infinitum, then act as if you had an IQ above zero?
    one of these days you might be a man, but until then, go upstairs and let mommy put your bib on so you don’t drool your supper all over yourself.

  4. KansasD Says:

    The author of this blog is a sad jerk.
    A freaking sad jerk.
    You know, one of the things I absolutely love about this post? Like every other one of these boring, repetitive attempts at jeering, he hides behind an anonymous IP address, to be specific. What are you so afraid of? Come on, you’ve proved you can’t express yourself in an even vaguely articulate manner, can’t you at least show the courage to let everyone know who you really are?

  5. sixthirtythree Says:

    Great pointing out Mike Huckabee’s discrepancy on the unwed pregnancies between the two women.

  6. GW Says:

    This ****** guy is paranoid.
    Yes ****** is boring. That is because he can’t think and suck cock at the same time.
    ****** get the cock out of your loser mouth.
    interesting, you use my real name (which I deleted, you’ll note), so I’m guess that you’re not only a gutless wonder hiding behind an anonymous IP address, but that you know who I am, because my names not on this blog, you fuckin’ ignorant moron! what. afraid to step out and reveal who you really are?
    as for the charge made about what I do with other men’s cocks, what’s the matter, are you afraid I might but into your business?

  7. Gloria Says:

    It does appear that the author of this blog, Darkness, is somewhat of a paranoid individual. We can not prove that by writing alone.

    I have read some of his writing here and there.
    His words start off as someone ~ obviously working at trying to appear reasonable, someone of average intellect.
    Have to say that most of his responses rapidly decline. This is most obvious when he receives any resistance or rejection. His own actions prove his very conditioned and limited mind.
    It is very sad to read people like him. People who are convinced that they have a open mind, at the same time they think they can sense a closed one in others. That behavior is one of the a medical flags for paranoia
    Darkness has a very conditioned and limited intellect. He will never acknowledge that, because that is the way a conditioned and limited mind works.
    He makes conclusions about people and events that he clearly knows very little, or nothing about.
    Feel sorry for him.
    you’re funny. strange, isn’t it, how you and the person just before you both used email forwarding services in the Netherlands? or maybe you’re the same person, and you’ve figured out you have gender-identity issues? either way, you make me laugh. thanks for posting.

  8. skate1968 Says:

    Hey Dark,


    I haven’t read every single thing that you’ve written. But i think that i am kind of seeing part of why you were not always in a big rush to deal with the aggrevating elements in our forum.

    You’ve already come across more than enough knuckleheads right here. I don’t have to read all of your stuff to know that you’re capable and your writings are often much better thought out than most.

    Lots of insults from visitors but very little good debate and/or criticism. (Albeit, I do remember us discussing this business about blog visitors — to put it in perspective.)

    [And i don’t mean to imply that i didn’t appreciate the visitors here who made positive and/or reasonable comments.]

    Having said all that, i did hear another something good on NPR. I’ll forard to you via email.

    thanks again for all the help

    aka Skate

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