“….the more they stay the same.”

The Republicans went through the entire last election cycle telling us many things. They said government spending needed to be cut. They said that government was “interfering” in our daily lives. They told us they would change how things were done legislatively.

As usual, what they told us was a load of bullshit. Don’t believe that, think on the following examples:


*Despite the much-publicized cancellation of a new engine for the already-overpriced F-35, money spent on defense will increase in the proposed ‘budget resolution’ now making it’s way through Congress. So will money given to other countries for military aid. Money for the State Department to do such silly things as help foster democracy and support friendly governments in a non-military fashion, however, takes a major hit.

*Where DO the Republicans find any money they can cut? The EPA takes a major hit, as do the National Endowments for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Amtrak is zapped. Sound familiar? It should, it’s the ‘usual suspects’ on conservative’s “hit list” of “unnecessary” government programs/agencies.

*All of these cuts are in a single huge spending bill that has been substituted for several smaller, more focused bills that had been before the Democratic-controlled previous Congress. Remember how they denounced healthcare reform as being too massive? And how loudly they objected to other bills they saw as too over-reaching? I guess the Republicans only object to such catch-all masses of paperwork if they’re not the authors.

*Thrown into the above ‘kitchen sink’ budgetary mess is one of the classic targets for Republican conservatives: abortion. No money to Planned Parenthood (no matter that it is already restricted from using any government money to provide abortions). No money for any group that councils abortions overseas. So much for their talk about “keeping government out of our private lives”.

*Meanwhile, no doubt in an effort to reduce the “interference” of government in people’s lives, multiple Republican-controlled state legislatures are proposing to pass laws taking away the rights of state employees to bargain collectively. That those rights derive from the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, a document the Republicans love to remind us they revere, seems to bother them not one bit, thank you very much.

I could go on for some time, but the point is simple: for all their talk, when you get right down to it, the Republicans are after their same wish-list of targets, be it a woman’s right to choose, a worker’s right to have a union to represent him, an agency that watches out for America’s environment (and gets in the way of corporate profits), or whatever. They also don’t give a damn is they have to trample on things like our constitutional rights. After all, as Wisconsin’s governor put it when asked why he was pushing ahead in the face of massive protests, he has ‘the majority’, and he and his fellows will use it to crush anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Welcome to freedom, Republican style!


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