We’re saved, we’re saved…..okay, maybe not.

When they were on the campaign trail last fall, the Republicans made much of their desire to cut the “wasteful” spending the Democrats had “imposed” on the American taxpayer. They were also derided what they saw as the Democrat’s tendency to package several bills into one far more massive piece of legislation. No, no, they insisted, these things would be a thing of the past once they were in power.

Well, that was their story, and so far, they haven’t stuck to it.

The “new” budget being proposed by the new Republican-controlled House is a combination of what had been several pieces of budgetary legislation that the Democrats had put forward late in the last session of that same body. Why all those separate bills needed to be lumped together might be easier to understand if you look at the details. Here’s a link to a good story that might give you a hint:




While this piece of legislation hasn’t been put up for discussion yet, I wonder if the Republicans will be as welcoming of input from the other side as they once accused the Democrats of being. My bet? Oh, I’d bet they won’t be even half as interested in getting any input from anyone who does not agree with them as the folks they decried for ignoring any other voices.

So here we are, boys and girls, once again watching the folks who promised to save us instead getting ready to make life worse….while making sure their lives (and those of their supporters) get a whole lot better. Aren’t you glad about the way things have gone?


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