Technological terrors

Darth Vader used a variation of the title of this piece to describe the Death Star in the original “Star Wars” movie. To me, it has come to describe the iPod. I was given one of these little beasties by my sister. It isn’t a new one, but a used one, and like the saw about a used car goes, when you get a used iPod, you’re inheriting someone else’s problem. The first problem is the worst: the battery is toast. I don’t mean a bit off it’s mark, or dodgy, I mean flat-out gone. When I first got it, it the iPod would not turn on, so I borrowed my sister’s USB-to-iPod adaptor and plugged it in. Eight plus hours later, when I disconnected it, the iPod refuses to do anything. Seeing as how it had been letting me play with it right up until I unplugged it, that leads me to conclude that the battery won’t take a charge. If you have an iPod, you know they’re small pieces of engineering, and I am not too keen to try disassembling one. I found a video that shows how to do it, mind you, I am just not too keen on the idea of using my big fingers to mess with something that small. I’ve looked around and there are several options I can follow to get the battery replaced, but all of them are more than slightly expensive….outside of replacing it myself. Ah, the joys of being on the horns of a dilemma…….
IF I manage to get the battery replaced, then the real fun will start. You see, the iPod already has music on it, but that music sucks, at least IMHO. I found an online manual for the iPod, but when I tried to follow it’s directions for reformatting the iPod, the iPod refused to cooperate. Of course, after that, I have to get the iTunes software and install it on my desktop machine, followed shortly (I hope!) by making the decision what all I want to load onto the iPod. I have plenty I’d love to have on it, I just need to get the time to do it.

What was the line, the most expensive thing you can own is something you get for free? I am beginning to think that is no exaggeration.


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