“Where the fuck are all the new jobs?”

The current debate over the extension to the Bush-era tax breaks has been in the headline a great deal of recent. Democrats passed an extension of the tax breaks to the lower-end earners, but that legislation was blocked in the Senate by a wall of Republican votes (admittedly, with a handful of Democratic support). They feel that if there is no blanket extension of the tax breaks, there should be no tax breaks at all. One theme that has been hammered out, again and again, by Republicans and other conservative to defend is that tax breaks for the top (roughly) 2% of the population is that without these tax breaks, there will be no jobs growth. My reply is the question that forms the title of this piece.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Bush signed the tax breaks law back in May of 2003 (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jobs_and_Growth_Tax_Relief_Reconciliation_Act_of_2003). Since then, how many new jobs have you seen created? Me, back in ’03, I still had a job, now I’m like a large percentage of the potential US workforce: out of work and looking for something, anything, to do! So, if tax breaks are the great economic stimulus that conservative insist they are, where the fuck are all the jobs?

I’ll tell you were they are: not here in the US!

That’s because the idea that the rich make jobs for everyone else is bull, pure and simple. Reagan called it “trickle-down economics”, and while a lot of conservative love to say Reagan’s tax policies helped spur an era of economic growth, that don’t make it so. The truth of the matter is that what spurred economic growth in Reagan’s presidency was the fact that he never ran into a weapons system he didn’t love, and he was willing to spend to get those weapons. So lots of people made tons of money working in defense plants, turning out all the fancy new toys for our military. They, in turn, had lots of money to spend on things like cars, houses, electronics and all the other “consumer goods” that kept the rest of the economy rolling. So it wasn’t tax breaks for the wealthy that caused the economy to boom during Reagan’s time in office, it was good old fashioned government spending….you know, the thing conservative these days love to hate.

The most disappointing thing of it all is that the Republicans will get away with this. The party that lambasted Obama and the Democrats for their “deficit spending” will use their filibuster power in the Senate to force a tax package “compromise” that will make the hole the federal budget digs $700 billion deeper. But don’t worry, as things get worse and jobs don’t suddenly appear, they’ll know right were the blame lies…..with those “tax and spend liberals” of course!

I’d laugh if it wasn’t such a fucking sick joke on America. So Merry Christmas and a nice big “Fuck You, America!” from the Republican Party. Ho, ho, fuckin’ ho……..


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