notes from the bottom of the pile

Wow, I thought that things would get worse as the school year went along, but I wasn’t half as pessimistic as I should have been! Right now I’ve managed to get ahead, but only a little bit. One assignment more in my Linux class and then it will be on to the last hurdle: the final! I got the next-to-last one in early (it’s not due until Sunday evening), or I probably wouldn’t be writing this. Sometime in the next day or so, I need to start pounding on that last assignment so I can get it done and (hopefully) find some spare time to study.
My other class is a mixed bag. I seem to be doing well, but it is an online course, and the software will ding you if you have one letter out of place, let alone if you have anything really important wrong! Worse, part of completing some of the exercises is taking a screen shot of the final result page, which I can sometimes forget to do in my desire to get on to other things….like taking tests (of which I need to take two more, and retake one if I can). And that class has a final too, though it is only listed as a “comprehensive, hands-on” final (whatever that’s supposed to mean!). But for the next day, I can concentrate on doing nothing, and that is an assignment I think I will like very much!


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