I am beginning to HATE Linux!!!

Right now, I’m in the middle of an assignment for my Linux class. The assignment is to do two shell scripts. One seems simple,  just asking you to print out the name of whomever runs the script (from two separate sources), print the name of the script, and list all the people currently logged onto the system. All that is moderately straight-forward. What had me setting, for the better part of a day, feeling like I couldn’t find my butt with both hands was the requirement that you print out the date and time. Now there is a command for that in Linux (date), and there is a page you can access from right inside Linux that will tell you all the details of how to use different “options” to get the result you want….and, yes, this was a special format you had to set up yourself. The problem is, if you look at what’s normally considered the “main” source of information on the command (the “man” or manual page), it gives you a set of directions that, if you use them, don’t work….or at least, not the way you think they should. I went back, again and again, trying to figure out what the hell I was doing wrong, and I just could not find clue one there to tell me what my mistake was.
Talk about frustration!!
So, as I’m going over the page one more time, I notice a reference to a second informational page, known as “info”, at the bottom of the “man” page. Now not every Linux command has both a “man” and “info” page. More to the point, you would not think that there would be any difference between what you find on one page and what you find on the other.
Within a second of looking at the second reference, I knew what I had been doing wrong: the string of “options” needed to be enclosed in a series if single quote marks so you could put space and other punctuation between the different parts. This is not shown ANYWHERE on the “man” page, and seeing as how both were authored by the same individual, that seems extremely odd, to say the least.
In the end, it was just another ‘glorious’ day learning Linux.
Damn, am I going to be glad if I get through this with my sanity and a passing grade!


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