At cruising speed (at last).

Well, I’ve finally gotten into the world of high-speed Internet connections. After more than a few trials and tribulations, the Comcast folks and I managed to get my computer connected to a 12 Mbps feed to the rest of the world. It seems to work fine now, after some frustrating initial attempts to get it going, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t crap out anytime soon.

I have to admit it, accessing the net is now not nearly the challenge to my patience it had been of recent. Hell, even my MySpace account is behaving almost as though it were useful (though I still haven’t found the person I’d hoped to there).

There are a few fun moments, though. Like when I decided to take advantage of my new status as a ‘high-speed’ Internet person and watch an episode of one of my new favorite TV programs. Getting through the site wasn’t a chore, and getting to the section that dealt with the show I was interested in was actually almost easy. When I tried to actually view the program, though, I was informed that I needed the latest-and-greatest version of the Adobe video viewer loaded to do so. No problem, I think, I’ve got ‘high speed’ Internet, and the load will just take a moment!

Yeah, right……..

Click the link to okay the site to load the new software up, the computer chuckles away to itself for a few minutes, then a new message comes up, telling me that before the new software can load, I have to shut down a piece of software that’s interfering with it loading……said software just so happens to be my web browser!

Like I said before, yeah, right…….!!!!!

I have done some good with the new connection, such as update all my anti-virus software, and add some new tools to that particular arsenal to boot. One of those found a virus I’d long suspected I had, but could never find, so that is definitely A Good Thing. I even have hopes that the new capabilities will help me in my upcoming classes, as I might now be able to download some of the software I hear about somewhere besides in class, instead of just thinking about doing it.

“And so, another adventure begins. Who knows were it will bear our hero? Nobody, of course…..HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (evil laughter, think from the sound track of the old radio show “The Shadow”).”


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