The harvest (at last).

Well, today having been a fairly cool one (compared to the scorchers of recent), I decided it was time to get the yard mowed. As with a lot of tasks, once you start one thing, it reminds you of something else. In this case, that “something else” was the getting the potato patch dug up.

So, yard mowed, mower stowed, out to the storage shed to get the turning fork. I have to admit, turning forks have got to be one of the more useful garden tools you can have. In this case, it proved its worth while moving the straw aside, then digging into the earth to turn up the spud crop.

Yeah, about that crop………

I went over the patch not once, nor twice, but THREE times, before I gave up and admitted it: my harvest was pretty pathetic. Grand total from this second harvesting: about two pounds, maybe, of potatoes. Mind you, the bulk of that was made up of potatoes  that would have been laughed out of your local grocery produce section, but they’re still plenty good to eat! Proof of that came a couple of hours after the last dirt was turned when the largest went into the pot to make tonight’s supper: mashed potatoes. Damn good mashed potatoes, if I do say so myself.

There are still some left after that meal, and I think if I put them all in the pot and am very careful, I might have enough to make another meal’s worth of mashed spuds. So, from the left-over and sprouted spuds came (I hope) enough potatoes to make two meals. Not as much as I’d hoped to get when I first planted them, but not a complete loss.

Not bad for a science experiment, hey?


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