I get high-speed (well, sort of)!

The tech guy didn’t show yesterday, but he did today. I can understand why he wasn’t able to come around and handle my problems (one of their DHCP servers ate itself, which meant it was all-hands-on-deck! time), and once he was here, getting the problem sorted out didn’t take too long at all. Turns out, I just needed a better set of antennas than the ‘rabbit ear’ type ones that the bridge came with.

Mind you, I had to go pick them up….and get them swapped in…..and then figure out the best position to put them in to get a really good signal, so I had at least a small part in getting the new connection up-and-running.

And it is that: running!

Those blasted animations are still there, I still can’t stand them, but at least it doesn’t take half the life of the Universe for them to load up. I even got some of my anti-virus software updated without a sojourn to my high-speed “access” point of recent (the computer lab of the college I attended this spring), which is good. Now, all I have to do is get all the other software on my machine updated too and everything will be fine.

Hot damn, we’re cookin’ with gas now, boys and girls!

Well, not exactly.

I get good service….when the link is stable. Problem is, even with the new antennas, I’m still in a “marginal” signal area, which means that the link can crap out at any time. So I keep an eye on the page activity and a set of figurative fingers crossed that it doesn’t do a crash-and-burn in the middle of anything important.

So, I guess to crib Dickens, “it is the best of times, it is the worst of times”. I just hope that the new solution doesn’t turn out to be worse than the old one.


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