I get up-to-speed (well, almost).

One of the things I love about this site is the lack of animation. No, I don’t mean animated discussion or thought, I mean animation! You’ve seen them, haven’t you? The stupid ads that seem to be plastered every-freaking-place on nearly every site on the Web, with the jumping woman to draw your attention. Or the clown who seems to pop out of nowhere. Or…..well, if you’ve been online for a while, you not only know what I mean, you probably remember a time when you went to a site, any site, and while their might be a few ads popping up now and then, they were just like an ad in a newspaper: static. So why is an animated ad more annoying than a static ad? One word: bandwidth!

You see, being none too well off, my access to the Internet is via the cheapest route I can find…..and that means dial-up. Yes, that’s right boys and girls, you are reading something written by someone who is not part of The Modern Age Of High-Speed Internet Access. I have been fighting a rear-guard action to try to keep it that way too.


Well, you might see those ads on TV for cheap access via cable, or get a mailing from your cell provider telling you they’ve got Such A Deal!, but when you look at the fine print, it ain’t all that great. Most of the cable offers I’ve ever gotten have short-time “special” offers, followed by rate structures more byzantine than the worst Rube Goldberg construction you ever saw. As far as wireless providers, or even getting a DSL line from the land-line companies, well, they’ll give you a connection all right, but you better watch your time! Nearly every one I’ve seen has limits on how much you can receive over your connection, and you pay dearly if you go over that limit. Now a few hundred mega of received data might seem like a lot, but when you figure that even this slow-assed connection will routinely take in twenty or thirty megs in the course of a none-too-long session, then it gets clear that you’re going to chew through those limits pretty darned fast!

The culprit, of course, are those damned animations! It takes bandwidth to get them into your computer, more of it to keep them updated, and of course your connection still has to monitor your computer for any changes in what you’re viewing on a page so it can change what’s on your screen, so……. yes, it not only makes life miserable for someone with a slow connection (who has to wait for those #*^ animations to load before the page will do anything), it also eats into the usage of those folks who have metered plans as well!


So, in the end, I decided I’m going to have to get connected, high-speed style. Not because I want to, but because I’m getting tired of nearly falling asleep while I wait for the next web page I want to go to to actually LOAD UP!!! Specifically, I’m going to use a local wifi service that offers (semi) reasonable rates and decent connection speeds. The paperwork went in, and a wireless bridge was brought to me…..but it doesn’t work. The provider said it might be an iffy connection from my place, but this isn’t iffy, it’s non-existent. No problem!, they say, one of their techs will be around to look at things tomorrow. If he can’t get it working? Then Plan B kicks in: they install an outside access point……at a cost of $65!

Boy, do I hope that tech can get this thing sorted out!!!!!!!

More when I know more…………


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