More fun with MySpace (no, not really)!

My last post was a query about MySpace, and I thought that I’d add a few observations to what I placed in that first post.

I’ve noted several quirks/oddities/bugs in the site. One of the most annoying is what I call “phantom email”. For those of you not familiar with MySpace, you are required to have an off-site email address so that you can get a lot of things from the site. Things like your confirmation link, to make sure that there really is a you out there by requiring you to follow the link to open your account. Things like notification that a person you have invited to be a “friend” on MySpace has accepted your invitation (a “friend” is someone with special access to your account, able to see things like photos you choose to keep between yourself and those you want to know). Most important of all to this piece, it also lets you know when someone has sent you an email via the site’s mail system.

The idea of doing all this stuff off-site is actually a pretty good one. It means that people can check to see if someone’s trying to contact them or if there is any other activity on the profile without tying up computing power on the site itself. Problem is, the site’s software seems to screw up the email function more than often than not. A case in point:

This morning I logged onto my contact account to see if I had anything I needed to take care of. Yes, it said, I had no less than seven emails awaiting me. So I close out that account and log onto my MySpace account. When my profile finally opens the little indicator that shows I have mail is up, and it is showing that I have……four emails waiting for me. It gets better! When I go to check out my inbox, it too says I have four emails waiting, but the window where those emails should be displayed says I have, in fact, ZERO emails in my inbox! This is far from the first time I’ve run into this little “gem” of a “feature”, and like the other times, I went to the contact section of MySpace to let them know that something is most assuredly wrong on the email front. Mind you I expect the same result I’ve gotten so far to my complaints: an electronic “form letter” telling me to remain calm, that nothing is wrong.

So, not only am I being hounded by emails from phantom women wanting me to give them my off-site email address, I’m getting email dumped on me that doesn’t even seem to exist at all! If you’re thinking this is aggravating me, you’re right! So here again is my question restated: does anyone really find MySpace useful? Anyone at all???????


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