Further adventures in Brain Cramp City (Arizona speaks, yet again [unfortunately])!

If you’re a reader of this blog, you know that right now, I don’t exactly hold the legislature of the state of Arizona in high esteem. Given that they have toyed with the idea of passing a “birthers bill” aimed at requiring President Obama to produce his birth certificate, and the plain insanity of their passage of the now-infamous law giving police the power to stop anyone they have “reasonable cause” to “suspect” of being an illegal alien, it is hard not to hold them in at least contempt, if not outright scorn. Now, as if all this were not enough, there is talk of them taking their crusade to “protect” American citizens and citizenship to a new level by refusing to acknowledge the citizenship of people born in the United States who don’t have at least one parent that is an American citizen.

That this runs counter to the US Constitution, specifically the 14th Amendment which grants citizenship to anyone born in the United States, does not seem to bother the determined fools in Arizona. No, they say, this piece of the Constitution was put in place only to allow black, freed at the end of the Civil War, to be granted citizenship. In their eyes, the intent of the original amendment has been “stretched” too far in subsequent years, and it is time for someone to Set Things Right.

That Arizona’s legislature has an odd definition of how the US Constitution should be interpreted is not news. That nearly every scholar of constitutional law feels the law allowing the police to stop anyone and demand proof of citizenship violates several provisions of the foundation of this nation doesn’t seem to bother them at all. So if they can ignore one part of the United States Constitution, why not another one?

Hell, while they’re at it, I think there are a few other things they should take care of:

Abolish freedom of the press. After all, it’s just those pesky commies in the press who’ve been questioning their right to do what they want, isn’t it? So why not shut’em up once and for all?

Abolish the right to assemble. Think of it, not only could they shut down those darned commies in the media, they could also keep all their supporters from marching through their streets and raising a ruckus, so why not?

Abolish the right to seek redress through the courts. Hell, if it isn’t the damn commies in the press who are ruining things, then isn’t it those “activist” judges who can’t leave well enough alone? Get rid of them and save everyone a ton of trouble!

Abolish the right to vote. After all, they know everyone loves them and their stand, so why confuse matters with all this campaigning and having to answer silly questions about “rights”….like Americans have any anyways?

Ah, yes, Arizona, land of the (un)free and home of the terminally brain dead. God spare the rest of this nation their disease.


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