Sometimes, people are strange.

Sometimes my fellow humans are more of a mystery to me than any alien I could ever imagine.

Case in point: I ran into someone I know who I hadn’t seen for quite some time. We talked and had (I thought) a pretty good time and as we were getting ready to part, my acquaintance told me to keep in touch. We talked for a moment more, which lead us to discovering we both had accounts on the same social networking site, so my acquaintance gave me her username to look up when I got home. Her final statement to me was that she’d be looking for my communications as soon as she got home.

Now comes the interesting part. Once I was at home, before I could forget it, I logged onto my account and did a search for my friends username. And several variations on it. And several remote-similar-sounding possibilities. The result, in each case, was the same: there was no record of any such username on the site.

Now I can understand that I might have messed up something of what I was told, but I can’t really believe that I could have misremembered what I was told so badly that even a search on pretty much every possible combination of what I am sure I was told would still come up empty. I can’t imagine that the individual in question would have told something aimed at, as the saying goes, blowing me off, and that belief is reinforced by the fact the she was the one to suggest we stay in touch. Further, knowing this person, I can’t imagine that she could have so misremembered her own username that she could have told me the wrong thing to look up.

So I am left with a quandary. On the one hand, I have someone I know who says they want to stay in touch. On the other hand, the route they gave me to stay in touch isn’t valid. Either something is missing from this picture, or something is going on behind the scenes. Either way, I guess the state I am in right now might best be described as “Baffled”.


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