Arizona has a massive “WTF” moment!

Does anyone know what the hell is going on in Arizona? I mean, is it something to do with the water, or has someone slipped a massive dose of LSD into everything edible down there or should I just be asking “WHAT the fuck is going on?????

My curiosity stems from some recent activities in the state legislature. They have recently passed two bills that have to have nearly any thinking person scratching their heads in confusion. The first, passed a little over a week ago, demands that if President Obama wants to be on the state primary ballot, he must show them his birth certificate. That the germ of this wakadoddle legislation is the so-called “birther movement” that claims Barak Obama was born someplace other than Hawaii. I like to think of these as the folks who, having lost the election and having no other thought of what they can do, have decided to find some excuse to not accept a president they don’t like. One Arizona legislator even admitted that this far-fringe movement was the inspiration behind the bill, but what it may have done for the citizens of Arizona (beyond proving to them that, yes, their legislature is far more creative about finding ways to waste its time than any other) escapes nearly everyone who’s heard of this law.

Their next act, though, nearly makes the ‘birther bill’ sound like the soul of reason. It is touted as a way for Arizona to “control” the flow of illegal immigrants through the state. What it does, among other things, is instruct the state police agencies to check anyone they suspect of being an illegal alien for proof of citizenship. The bills supporters and the state governor all claim that there will be no racial profiling, but the vast majority of those they seek to stop are coming from Mexico and Central America, so how will they formulate a strategy to implement the goal of the legislation without paying special attention to one racial group? Worse, how many legal citizens who happen to have Spanish forebears will find themselves being stopped by the police for no other reason than they “don’t look right”? Most of the support for this bill (and, I suspect, the other one mentioned above) comes from Republican legislators, many of whom tout it as being a way to cut taxes. How many hours of the day will they be paying police to do nothing but stop people who might be illegals? How many false arrest suits will the law generate? HOW MANY INNOCENT CITIZENS WILL BE HASSLED FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN A POLICE OFFICER THOUGHT THEY “LOOKED MEXICAN”?

I know, I know, this isn’t about doing something worthwhile, this is another attempt to posture for the camera, to get some ‘face time’ on the local news, but when the fuck are these idiots going to learn that actions have consequences? Will it take an American citizen who doesn’t feel like they have to “prove” their citizenship going to jail to get it through their thick skulls just how fucked up this legislation is? Or was my earlier question the right one to ask: Is there something in the water in Arizona that’s reduced it’s politicians to a band of jibbering idiots? I wish someone would find out, these guys scare me, and I don’t even have to live there! I wonder how safe the citizens of Arizona feel right now, knowing they might have to prove they’ve got a right to be there at their next traffic stop….or just because some cop doesn’t like the ‘look’ of them?

And to think, the Republicans are the party crying out against “Big Brother” government….


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