The passing of an age.

Justice John Paul Stevens announced his resignation from the US Supreme Court on Friday. Stevens has been damned by conservatives for, in their mind at least, shifting his political outlook to the left. Other, more balanced observers suggest that it was not so much a case of Stevens moving to the left as the Supreme Court shifting to the right. Stevens, during his tenure, was a strong voice for the rights of the individual, which lead him to be part of the majority in Roe v. Wade, and to speak against the power of big money in political campaigns, as he did when he joined the (correct, in this writer’s opinion) minority in saying the federal government had a right to control campaign contributions. Justice Stevens had the reasoning power and persuasive ability to build the sort of coalition that could make a tough decision, and make it stand. Perhaps for that ability more than any other was he often the target of the venom of the modern conservative Right.

The announcement had been much rumored and was not a major surprise. Even before it was made official, the Obama administration began floating possible candidates to fill the vacancy. Also before the announcement, conservatives were sharpening their knives, preparing to attack any nominee. Now that it is official, many on the Right have already begun to make noises about making this, as they call it, “Obamacare 2”, no doubt referring to the campaign of dirty tricks and outright lies they used to try to derail passage of the recent health care reform legislation. Some have even suggested that they intend to stop President Obama from filling the position at all, hoping to use the resulting fight as yet-another campaign-stump-speech-talking-point to whip the faithful and the foolish into a frenzy.

The only sure thing is that whomever ends up being nominated to take John Paul Stevens slot will face, not the sort of reasoned discussion of their rulings and think he faced, but the sort of modern partisan meat grinder that now seems to be the norm. Civility, along with reason, have no place anymore in the polarized foolishness that is modern Washington politics. Farewell, Justice Stevens, you and the times you represented, when people thought about their decisions instead of letting their ideology rule all, will be missed by most of the citizens of America.


One Response to “The passing of an age.”

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