Introductions: The backstory

It occurs to me that I should do a bit of writing to explain this blog.

Over two years ago I ended a thirty year stint of employment the way many another person has: the company I worked for decided that the facility I was working at was “not making enough money” and that they were going to “right-size” their corporate structure by closing us down. How much truth there was in anything they told us is open to debate, though from my own knowledge, I would say it was bollux, as my Irish and English friends might put it. In the aftermath I had a ton of free time on my hands (you can only do so much job searching in a day) and someone suggested that taking up my other former occupation, writing, might be a good idea. Out of that germ came my first blog, “Ruminations on an average life (destroyed)”. When I started it I had no experience at all with blogging and no knowledge of which site might be a good one or not. So, Goggle to the rescue! After a bit of playing around with the results of that initial search, I came up on a site called WordPress. The software looked good as far as writing tools and options went, and the requirements seemed good, so I set things up and was off to the races.

Google, in all it’s wisdom, failed to mention one thing: WordPress both hosts blogs, and also supplies blog site hosting software! I found this out, much to my chagrin, when I went to reply to a comment about a post I’d made. When I used the link I normally used to log in, I got the dreaded “Page not found” message. Even the links in the last notice I got were dead, which puzzled me very deeply. In the end I went to the source, as it were, and found out that the site I had been using was just a site using WordPress software, not the actual site itself, and whomever had been running the site my blog had been on had either run out of funds, or run out of caring, and decided to pull the plug on myself and everyone else hosted there.

So, no more blog; two years, MOL, of writing down the drain. I gave serious thought to dropping the whole idea of writing a blog but in the end a couple of people talked me into carrying on. Some of them encouraged me to simply repost everything I’d written but, as most of it dealt with things that have become dated by the passage of time, it just didn’t make sense to do that. So instead I thought I’d post the last thing I’d posted to the old blog, thus my first entry here.

So, what am I? I’m a fairly liberal person, with a broad streak of independence in my make-up. I feel that modern conservatives are frauds who disgrace the people who once carried that banner. I think the teabag/teaparty movement is somewhere between a joke and the beginning of a new American Nazi party (that outlook has precedence in the fact that Hitler was regarded as a joke in the beginning, and I will allow the “party-ers” to be a laughing stock….until they prove themselves to be a menace). I think Rush Limbaugh is one of the best recruiting tools liberal could ever have (after all, every time that loudmouth lies and/or ‘weasels’ on what he said, who could possibly not be against him?). I hope Sarah Palin wins the Republican presidential nomination in 2012… Barak Obama can cruise to a second term without breaking a sweat. I hope….well, hell, just watch this space and I’ll let you know as I go along. For now, for all the pompous Republican/conservative gasbags, hell has come to lunch.


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