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How our tax dollars work.

March 30, 2010

There was an auto accident almost in front of my house today. There’s a corner there and cars often try to take it too fast. Today a car full of kids tried to make the turn and didn’t. They more or less ran over a small tree before hitting a much stouter one. That first tree probably saved them from serious injury by slowing them down, but the car still ended up being totaled. There were four kids in the car, though I guess calling them kids reflect more on my own age than them, as none of them looked to be past their mid-twenties. There were to guys and two young women, and while none of them was much more than shaken up, one of the women was pregnant and had been in the back seat, so she took a pretty good jolt. All of them walked away from the car, safe and sound, to wait while the police and ambulance arrived.

I often malign my hometown’s police department, as they often seemed to take their time getting to any calls. In this case, they were actually johnny-on-the-spot, arriving within less than five minutes. The fire department’s ambulance was less than a minute behind them, and EMT’s were checking everyone out within probably less than ten minutes from the time the accident happened. All in all, it was a good showing for a small-town force, one that the personnel involved have every right to be proud of.

All of it got me thinking about the tax protesters. You see, to them government is The Enemy, taxes are “theft” and regulations are just government “interfering” in the “free market”. Yet those kids were saved as much by the seat belts and airbags in the car as that first tree. Those things are there because some “evil” government standard said car makers should put them into all their vehicles. Those taxes that were “stolen” from those “hard-working taxpayers” paid for those standards to be developed. They also pay the salary of the cops and EMT’s who responded to the emergency. And it was the “evil” government, that “enemy” to us all, who saw to it that they were there to respond.

I wonder if any of those folks out there who run around, screaming at the top of their lungs complaining about taxes, standards and evil governments have kids? Or if maybe they just drive themselves? Maybe the next time they decide to start shouting they just might stop for a second and think about those kids….or about their own, for that matter. Just a thought…….